June 1998 Nevada
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Large hook echo over Nevada in June

This is a view looking north at a huge supercell. This cell had a monster hook as it passed over Lincoln Way in Ames, and over Nevada, IA. There were even inflow bands like you would see on a hurricane. Several small tornadoes came from this storm, although I only witnessed a funnel.

This storm had the potential to be more devastating than the Spencer, SD tornado. We were lucky that the meso pictured here did not descend to the surface. On the left of the picture where the white area is, is the precipitation core. The hail from this core sometimes measured 5" across. It broke windows, came through roofs, and punctured siding. Just to the right of that you can see the large updraft/meso area. The funnel I saw was just on the boundary of the precipitation core.

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