Solar Car Power Management


© 1996
Paul Vincent Craven
All Rights Reserved

Without the aid of many people and companies, this research would not have been possible. I feel it is important to acknowledge some of those involved in this research. Bitrode provided the sophisticated battery charging equipment for the main batteries on the solar car. Sokkia donated the differential Global Positioning System (GPS) and the software to support it. Fluke donated hand-held meters and the radio modems used in transmitting the solar car data. Microsoft provided financial support plus copies of NT Workstation and NT Server. Nu-Mega provided Bounds-Checker NT, and Midwest Computer Sales loaned an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for power filtration. Thanks are also due to the many other individuals and corporations which donated money and resources to the solar car project.

Many University of Missouri at Rolla (UMR) students and faculty worked on the solar car project, and items related to power management. Daniel Bohachick worked on the electrical systems and the integration of the on-board computer with the solar car. Rick Steurer designed and built the computer for the 1995 solar car race. Rob Ziegler programmed the on-board computer and provided advice on many aspects of the car. John Tyler volunteered invaluable support and advice as a faculty advisor on the project. Mark Schmidt helped with logistical support. Dr. Tom Sager served as my advisor for this thesis, and provided the idea of including a query language into the power management system.

Most of all, many thanks to my wife, Val. All her understanding and support during my thesis work helped keep my sanity in check.