Solar Car Power Management


© 1996
Paul Vincent Craven
All Rights Reserved

The Power Management System developed for this thesis provides an excellent framework for display and storage of dynamically changing data. One of the best tools available for power management is human interpretation. To help the user make the best call about how to operate the solar car, creating the flexible system of displaying the data was the top priority.

The object-oriented design helps make it extensible to future power management theories. One student attempted to use a neural network for power management. While it didn't work, it was easily tested in the program. Any component added to the system can make full use of the sensor and GPSGPS databases, without having to code that part themselves. The object-oriented design also made for easier maintenance, by dividing the program into discrete classes.

While it is disappointing to not have live solar car data to display, the power management program is easily adaptable to any format of data transmission when an on-board computer is working. The use of GPSGPS data looks promising in finding the best method of operating vehicles where optimum power usage is of high importance.