Solar Car Power Management

Visual Map Representation

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Graph of distance verses elevation
Figure 14: Distance vs. Elevation Window

As well as knowing current energy usage, the program is set up to show the current location along the race route that the scout car drove the night before. This can be done by obtaining a live GPS data link and using the GPS mapped data obtained previously. It is also necessary to make sure that the GPS data taken in (typically in longitude, latitude format) is converted to the same unit of measure of the map. This can be accomplished using the gctp library. The gctp library has a set of equations for conversions between most any type of map coordinate format to any other. While I had live GPS data going into the program, I was unable to get the gctp coordinates to match those returned by Sokkia's conversions. For this reason, live GPS updates are not working in the Power Management System at the time this thesis was written. One of the limitations of live GPS data is that it is not differentiated. The user could only expect the reported GPS position read to be within one hundred meters of actual position, even in the best of conditions.